Year in Review

2019 was a great year - still going strong in 2020

Sarah Stolle

The last year ended already a while ago and we wanted to reflect a bit on our journey throughout 2019. R-Ladies Amsterdam started, by now, already two years ago. In these two years we’ve grown from a small chapter to an established meetup in the Amsterdam meetup scene. R-Ladies Amsterdam has three main pillars: the community members (locally and worldwide), the local organizers and the sponsors. All three have shaped who we are today and without them we wouldn’t exit.

R-Ladies Amsterdam community is constantly evolving

We’ve experienced a steady growth of new members over these two years and hosted a lot more events than we expected. In fact, in 2019 we hosted one event per month on average! We’re proud to be able to engage so many of you consistently throughout the year.

Figure 1: Membership growth of R-Ladies Amsterdam.

We are thrilled that the community is growing stronger and more connected over the last two years. Not just the number of members is growing, we are happy to welcome so many of you many times in a row. It is a delight to recognize faces, connect in person, and go from a friend you didn’t know to tech buddies. 👩‍💻

Number of meetup attendances (binned): **0 attendance** - definitely maybe interested; **1 attendence** - curious what it's all about; **1-5 attendences** - regular participant at R-Ladies; **5- 10 attendences** - avid supporter; **10 + attendences** - R-Lady in heart and soul. <3

Figure 2: Number of meetup attendances (binned): 0 attendance - definitely maybe interested; 1 attendence - curious what it’s all about; 1-5 attendences - regular participant at R-Ladies; 5- 10 attendences - avid supporter; 10 + attendences - R-Lady in heart and soul. <3

R-Ladies organizers are the core

All this would not have been possible without the organizers that put in their time, effort, and love to make R-Ladies Amsterdam the amazing group it is today. In 2019 we had a change in the organizer team, said good-bye to some and welcomed new members.

Sponsors to the cause

We were fortunate to have a whole host of sponsors that made our events possible. We want to thank them for opening their doors to us and give us a glimpse at what they do in the realm of Data Science but also for their support of women in tech.

Focus 2020

At the start of 2020 we made a road map of where we want to go with R-Ladies Amsterdam. Our foremost priority is to grow, engage and stabilize the community. The strength of R-Ladies is in the bonds it forges between members, the environment it creates to be yourself, and the support we give each other for a more inclusive and diverse representation in Tech.

Some of our ambitions had to be adjusted due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, though. That doesn’t mean we have stopped with our mission. Some blocks on the road just ensure we try out new paths. We moved our beloved workshops online and tried new ideas with online study groups. They come in two flavors: first a small personal study group myPair, the idea being for both to commit, support and realise a project together; and second a book club, where we go through a book together to learn more about R in consecutive sessions. The book club has been our first real collaboration of R-Ladies across the Netherlands 🇳🇱 with contributions from R-Ladies Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Den-Bosch, Utrecht, and Amsterdam.

For the future we have many more events planned and upcoming 😄

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